The Mattress and How It Affects Rest

You probably don’t realize exactly how much goes into making sure that your body gets a good night’s sleep. You’ve been sleeping since the day you were born. You’re a natural at it, so who cares how it happens so long as you get enough of it?

Well, that is one way of looking at it. But that’s an incomplete picture that doesn’t address certain biological realities. For instance, did you know that the body looks to natural darkness and uses it as a cue to start shutting your body down? It’s true, and when sunlight streams in it acts as a cue for your body to start waking up.

But let’s bring the discussion a little closer to home, shall we? Let’s say you fall asleep in a certain position every night. You do, whether you know it or not. However, when you wake up, you’re all stiff and sore and you feel like you need an extra hour or three to get the rest you’re looking for.

It’s not your fault - your body knows how it’s comfortable, and it takes that position for a reason. But if you have a mattress that doesn’t accommodate that position properly, you won’t get the rest you need.

Fortunately, Sleepys is here to help with all kinds of mattresses. You’re bound to find the one that’ll help you.

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